Concrete Etching for a Loved One

Concrete Etching for a Loved One

When a friend loses a loved one you have no idea how to help, how to bring relief to a broken heart.

We received a call from a customer who wanted a special way to remember her brother who was taken too soon by a drunk driver. Although it had been several years since his passing she knew she wanted some concrete etching to remember her brother. When we walked through the house we saw a verse immediately upon entering the foyer which read, “Faith, it’s not believing that God can, it’s knowing that He will.”

We immediately knew what we wanted to do. We contracted with the customer to stain their entire driveway, sidewalk, and add concrete etching for a intricate cross stencil and verse into the concrete. After cleaning the concrete we applied the acid staining and then neutralized the surface. Once the concrete was dry we hand etched the cross and verse, and then sealed with multiple coats of concrete sealer to protect our hard work.

The results speak for themselves and bring a constant reminder of the love that one sister has for her brother. Concrete etching can be beautiful, unique, and ever enduring.

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