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An In-Depth Look at Floor Remodeling

We Complete Our Floor Remodeling in 4-5 Days!

Offer Unique Color Choices

Various Sealer Options



Step 1 of Concrete Floor Remodeling: Remove flooring surface, mask home, and thoroughly clean floor which may include grinding.



Step 2: Prime concrete floor with a moisture barrier coating after repairing cracks and patching holes.



Step 3 & 4: Apply 2 day micro-topping of a rough coat first and then a smooth coat on the following day.



*Step 5 & 6 Apply stain, neutralize, receive sealer approval, and then seal.

*There are several options to the color of stain that can be applied and the technique in which it is applied will add various results.  In addition to the stain, we offer several options to the type of sealer that can be applied and the way in which it is applied.

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